Success rate hair transplantation Pakistan

Success rate of hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore, People in Lahore are also suffering from hair loss problems. For these patients, hair restoration treatments are available at our hair loss clinics. They can find the best quality hair surgeries from their city. They can find both FUT and FUE treatments. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hairs are regained after a minor operation. This is the most effective and permanent hair loss treatment available in the world. This is especially for those that are suffering from partial hair loss and permanent baldness. This treatment is also popular in Lahore. It is the capital city of Punjab and second most populous city of Pakistan. In the city, there are many people who are suffering from hair loss particularly due t androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. From the centuries, the people are using different herbal treatments and medicines to get rid of baldness. But now hair restoration surgeries are at their footsteps.?It is a blessing for bald and hairless people that they got this surgical hair restoration treatment into heir city. Prior introduction of hair restoration surgeries in the country, people have to travel out of the country to get the surgical treatment for their balding scalp. As we know that these surgeries are already very expensive in Western countries and the United States, this costs their lot of money. Apart from the se treatment costs, money is also required to spend upon the travel and hotel accommodation expenses. At that time, majority of the population of city cannot afford these treatments. But now these treatments are there in Lahore and helping the people who want to get permanent hairs back on the scalp.

There are two methods of hair restoration surgical treatments that are offered by various hair restoration clinics in the city. There is the older treatment known as follicular unit transplant in which hair follicles are extracted in form of a strip from the donor area of the scalp. These follicles are placed under a microscope from where they are dissected into the prices. Later they are inserted into balding areas of the scalp. A linear wound remains on the scalp for the lifetime. A lot of surgeons are there in the city that can accurately perform this surgery on the patients. Most of the surgeons have more than ten years of experience in performing FUT treatment on their patients. This is the cheap hair surgery available in the city. It is affordable to many of the patients who want to get hair loss surgical treatment. Average cost needed to get this FUT surgery in city ranges from seventy five thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees.?The other method that is the newer method was introduced in Lahore a few years ago. This is known as follicular unit extraction. It is the method that got popularity in the city within a very short time. This is preferred surgical treatment because there remains no scar on the scalp like in traditional strip surgical method. Less pain and bleeding is also involved in this surgery. It is the most expensive surgery obtainable in the city. It is estimated that up to five hundred thousand Pakistani rupees are needed by the patients who want to get this surgical treatment. Now the robotic devices are also there in the city that is providing accurate FUE surgeries to the patients.

The surgeons that are performing the treatments are specialized and they have many years experience in performing the treatments on the patients. They also help the patients in overcoming from the post surgical side-effects. They can show their result to the prospective patients through the before and after photos of already treated patients. Most of the surgeons have got certification from various hair loss associations. They provide initial consultations to the patients without taking any fee.?Patients can find the best Hair Transplant in Lahore Pakistan clinics. They can ask about them from their friends and relatives. They can also search them from the internet.?Success rate of hair transplantation in Pakistan Lahore depends upon surgeon experience and qualification and most importantly team skill.

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