Is Rogaine good to cure baldness?

Rogaine is a medicine used to treat male patterned baldness among men. It is usually recommended to males whose hair starts thinning down at the top of head. How Rogaine actually works? Rogaine minoxidil is a kind of drug used to treat baldness among men. It stimulates blood vessels on top of scalp and hence improves blood circulation and enhances re-growth. The exact procedure isn?t known much. Mostly, the medicine is used to treat patients with early stages of baldness. Rogaine has some side effects too. Do not go for self medication. Always consult your doctor before starting a hair re-growth medicine. If your hair or scalp is damaged or wounded, do not use the medicine. If you are a heart patient, do not use Rogaine as it can cause damage to your heart. Rogaine is also not recommended to women who are expecting or either breast feeding. What effects it would bring on the unborn child are still unknown. So women must be very careful and ask their doctor before starting a hair treatment.

Baldness natural hair treatments can be adopted by everyone. If you are heart patient or if you are expecting, take care. Applying potion of different kinds of hair oils removes and cures baldness. Cactus oil massage usually gives volume to thin hair. Walnut oil massage also gives volume to thin hair. Also thinning of hair depends on the hair follicles and their weakening function. Add a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet to prevent hair thinning and baldness. Avoid using too many hair products on hair. Some fashionable hair products only bring artificial beauty to your hair and cause baldness. At times you may not be an ideal patient for Rogaine but you may be an ideal user of hair massages. Using hair massages and a combination of home remedies does not bring any side effects to anyone.

Also, try to add green and leafy vegetables in your diet. Try to have a fish meal once in a week. You can have low fat calcium milk to make your bones strong and healthy. Avoid using calcium tablets as they may cause kidney stones. Take good food and have a healthy hair massage with an oil of your choice once in a week. Avoid too much streaking and hair highlighting as they damage the roots of the hair. Having iron rich foods in your diet cures badness. Lack of iron in body also causes weakness and anemia. At times due to anemia or weak iron levels in body, baldness occurs. Try to have carrots, lettuce, cabbage, spinach and healthy foods. Olive oil is great to treat baldness and premature graying. When you think that none of the home remedies seems to work, then you can simply go for a hair transplant in Lahore. Usually hair thinning can be checked in its early stages. If your hair thinning lies in early stage, then it can be cured with the treatments stated above.