Regrow hair after chemotherapy

Cancer is a fatal disease one can think of. You have to go through different treatments especially chemotherapy to recover from cancer. Chemotherapy is the treatment that is carried out by utilizing different chemical substances or by using cytotoxic and high potency powerful drugs. These drugs have various drawbacks; one of the drawbacks is the loss of hair. When you recover from cancer, the first thing you wish to be back in your life is your hair which is not possible on urgent basis.

Stimulate hair growth after chemo

After chemotherapy hair is something temporary and one can gain them back. The regrowth of hair depends upon person to person. Since there has been the loss of vitamins and minerals from your body, the first thing you should do is to take supplements that can help you restore that energy and give your body the power that can help you regrow your hair. Normally hair growth in people starts after the time span of 6 to 7 weeks after they had been through chemotherapy.

Why does hair grow back curly after chemotherapy?

There may be a possibility that your hair grows back with a different texture like  curly though they used to be straight before. In some cases, people have gray initially after hair regrowth but after a few weeks, it retains its natural color. Your scalp becomes really sensitive during the process of chemotherapy, you must use shampoos and conditioners bearing fewer chemicals. You must not try to dry by using a dryer or even getting permed or rebound could damage them easily.

How can we regrow hair with diet and products?

The hair that grows right after 6 to 7 weeks of chemotherapy is either dry or rough but the new hair is thin. So, it is important that you look after them properly. Taking supplements like Vitamin B Complex can improve the quality of your hair. There are different kinds of stuff that stimulate the growth of hair.  You must use gentle products such as niacin that can be helpful in improving the blood circulation in the scalp and salicylic acid can be used to clean it up. Hair stimulating shampoos are also found in the market. You need to use Minoxidil before and after the process of chemotherapy. It is an effective lotion that can be applied to the scalp which helps in the hair growth by widening the follicles. Use high-protein foods in your diet. Use of beans, eggs and meat can play an important role in the regrowth of your hair. Use of minerals and Vitamin A, B, C and E is also important and adding a supplement with B6 and B12 can help the hair to grow fast.

Some precautions you can take are that stop rinsing your hair in hot water as that can destroy your hair follicles. Use olive oil to apply to your hair. At least you need to give thirty minutes massage. Consult a hair specialist after chemotherapy for the regrowth of hair and a hair stylist after the growth of hair. For bleaching or for getting your hair permed, consult your hair expert.

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