Laser Comb

Laser Comb-?The word laser has become a usage in cosmetic surgery and facial treatments. This treatment is the latest and newest hair re-growth treatment offered by hair doctors in Pakistan. At times people wish to restore their lost hair and image linked with hair. Hair fall and baldness are two main hair problems these days that need serious cure. Whether to use a laser comb or not, depends upon the kind and stage of your baldness. If your baldness is in an early stage, you can use a laser hair comb to re-grow hair and activate blood cells on scalp with a vibrating massager. Does the idea attract you? It a new technology for hair re-growth these days recommended by many doctors. Usually what you have to do all is to gently comb your hair with a laser comb for about fifteen minutes and make sure that the laser covers your baldness areas. Pass the laser comb in all and every directions to make sure a good and healthy blood circulation on scalp area.The stimulation linked with a laser combs is used an amplifier to re-grow and restore lost hair. You can also use it on areas where you have thin hair. The blood circulation improves on the scalp area and hence laser comb can be used to treat baldness these days. Just think a little about this technology. Laser has offered us many treatments like laser transplants, laser hair removals, laser eye treatments and the list goes on. This new technology can be used to treat baldness and other hair issues too. It can also be used to treat thin hair. Using a laser hair comb is recommended before sleep and once in a day. If you use it twice in a day, ask your doctor before using a laser comb.

Some problems are also there with laser comb. Since it is a sensitive and optical device so must be handled with great care and precautions. Always see the warranty period and don?t use the product if some problem comes. Also it must be kept away from children. Laser may damage eyes because of its thermal behavior, so must be kept away from eye areas. Also don?t use laser comb on eye brows and eye lashes, since these are close areas to eyes. Just use a laser comb on scalp hair and body hair too. At times some men start losing hair from arms. For restoring that hair back, laser comb can be used on arm areas too.

If laser comb option doesn’t seem to work, you can go for a hair transplant and go for a FUE hair treatment. National Hospital Lahore offers hair treatments of all kinds depending on your budget and affordability. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best hair doctors of Pakistan. Always set an appointment with your doctor before starting a hair procedure. It is also recommended to see some product and customer reviews regarding a laser comb. Make your life easy with laser.