How to Regrow Hair

How to Regrow Hair-Everyone wants beautiful and healthy hair. We start losing hair after reaching a specific age. After we cross forty, we have hair thinning and hair graying problems. At times some premature baldness also occurs in people because of many reasons. When baldness approaches us, most of us are thrilled. We want to have our hair back and wish to look more beautiful. Baldness is linked with self image and health. Also it is a sign of depression and anxiety among many people. Men who start losing their hair often get many jokes about their baldness patches. The baldness problem isn?t only linked to males only. Women are also hair conscious and wish to restore their thin hair. There are a number of baldness treatments for people of every age. The kind of baldness you have depends on your hair growth and density. Some people wish to stick to home remedies for baldness. Henna is a natural hair thickener and conditioner. Once used with mustard oil, it conditions and re-grows hair. Make a paste of henna leaves in a plastic bowl and add some drops of lemon and mustard seed oil. Apply on head and wash after some hours. This re-grows hair. Using a mixture of egg oil with black seed oil is also great for baldness. Egg oil has a great capacity to re-grow hair. Egg oil smells too much. Make sure when you apply egg oil on hair, put a cloth on your head and wash with a good herbal shampoo. This would re-grow hair.

Also if you have thinning hair, use a combination of virgin olive oil and cactus oil on hair. Cactus oil is great for thickening hair and olive oil conditions hair. Castor oil massage is also great for re-growing hair. Hair treatments aren?t that difficult but need time and care. Losing hair is linked with personality image and depression. Some hair oils are best for baldness. Soak fenugreek seeds in a bowl and add some water to it. Leave overnight. Apply this water on scalp and wash with a good shampoo. This also cures baldness. Curd or yogurt is great for thin hair. Beat curd in a bowl and add some mustard seed oil to it. Apply on head and wash after some time. This would also cure baldness.

At times baldness occurs as a result of using poor quality hair products. Avoid too much hair straightening and ironing with rod.? Avoid using iron rods and iron curlers on hair too. If needed, use plastic curlers. Iron rods and iron straightens at times burn our hair and cause baldness. Also, stop using shampoos that contain too many chemicals. You need to switch to a complete hair treatment in order to avoid baldness and re-grow hair. After a parlor ?cut down? of hair, you may start losing hair. A cut down means bleaching your dark hair with peroxide first and then form a light shade. A cut down is usually used for black hair, where it is not easy to have light shade like blonde or gold.