How long does fue procedure take

FUE hair transplant is a latest procedure of hair surgical transplant available these days in Pakistan. This method involves extraction of hair follicles from the scalp unlike FUT where these follicles are removed with the help of a strip. This method has many pros and cons.?Follicular hair transplant or FUE is one of the two known methods of removing hair follicles from the scalp. These hair follicles are responsible for hair growth on the scalp and body. In this procedure, a small circular punch is used in making small cuts less than one millimeter on the scalp or body donor area. Follicles are separated from the surrounding tissues with the help of this tiny punch. These units are harvested from the donor area leaving tiny holes on the skin. Surgeons pulled out hair follicles from donor part of scalp once at a time.

Surgeon harvests follicular units until he gets the required number for patient’s transplant procedure. How long does Fue procedure takes??This procedure needs 4-6 hours and multiple sessions depending upon number of grafts. Extracted hair follicles are dissected under a binocular microscope to separate them from fatty tissues. Recipient sites are created in hairless or bald area of the scalp. A hollow needle is used in creating these tiny sites. Follicles are transplanted into these sites from where they grow into healthy hairs. Recovery period of scalp is not more than two days. Certain precautions are advised by surgeons to follow after FUE surgery.?FUE hair transplant was discovered by Masumi Inaba in Japan in the year 1988 for the very first time. He used a needle less than one millimeter in size to remove follicular units from the donor area. In 1989, Dr. Ray Woods was the first to perform transplant surgery by using FUE method. Two American hair restoration surgeons had used the term FUE for the first time in medical literature in the year 2002. Robotic devices were introduced in annual meeting of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in the year 2008. Only few surgeons are present in the world that have completely studied and practiced FUE transplant method.

Fue vs Strip Scar
Linear Strip scar while above and below Fue follicles extraction without any scar

FUE is ideal for those patients that are on initial stages of baldness. It is also recommended by surgeons to such patients that want to enhance their hairline. FUE requires a considerable time of the surgeon. It takes up to six hours to extract 2000 to 3000 follicles. Only two thousand ?to three thousand follicles can be extracted in one session. It is the most expensive method of hair transplant surgery available nowadays. However developing countries like Pakistan offer cheap hair transplant procedure in Fue technology. It needs fifteen thousand dollars to thirty thousand dollars in USA and other developed countries. This treatment is twice as expensive as traditional strip surgery.?FUE is preferred over FUT method because it does not leave a linear scar on the scalp after the surgery. It is good for those wanted to have short hair or shave head after surgery. Less pain, itching and discomfort is involved in this method. Local anesthesia is given to patient in both of methods. FUE is also helpful for those that cannot have a strip surgery due to laxity of their scalp. Risk of grafts falling is associated with FUE treatment. How long does fue procedure take? it depends upon surgeon’s skill and experiences. Normally an experienced surgeon like Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performs 2500-3000 Fue follicles in 5 to 6 hours.

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