Hair transplant scar repair cost

Hair transplant scar repair cost- cause -solution

Whether brought about by harm, surgery, or blaze, scars can distort. Scars emerge against whatever is left of the skin since scar tissue is made of collagen cells as opposed to conventional skin cells. Subsequently, scars are typically an alternate shading and don’t have sweat organs or hair follicles. The seriousness of a scar relies on upon numerous variables, including the size and profundity of the injury, the blood supply to the region, and the thickness and shade of the skin. A few people – particularly those with more profound skin tones – tend to create conspicuous, raised scars called keloids. However many patients who had FUT or strip surgery in past did not have raised scars rather linear scar and hair transplant scar repair cost in Pakistan is 150,000 to 175,000 Rupee by an expert like Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

Does hair transplant leave scars?

Before Follicular unit extraction was designed, hair transplant was performed by strip removal of skin from the back of the patient’s head, these kinds of transplants were known as strip transplants. In light of the way the donor follicles are collected, all Strip methods will bring about a perpetual linear scar over the back of the patient’s head. Actually, despite the fact that FUE was designed and has been utilized for right around 10 years, till this date, 99% of the specialists still perform STRIP techniques on their male pattern baldness patients. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is a hair rebuilding benefactor collecting strategy. The upsides of FUE are that it is negligible obtrusive and it doesn’t leave a linear scar over the patient’s head. For the individuals who had FUT technique done, they actually need to live with a changeless straight scar for whatever remains of their lives. The best way to hide the strip scar is to develop your hair long with the goal that it covers the scar. Unfortunately, all the time, the scar has a tendency to extend after some time, so for a few patients who had strip procedure done, wearing their hair long is insufficient to cover the scars. At some point or another, they will need to take care of the scars that continue broadening. Alternatives for strip scars repair were also suggested by a few specialists who suggested doing a scar revision keeping in mind the end goal to minimize the constantly augmenting strip scar. Fundamentally, a scar update is to evacuate the overabundance scar tissue. While this will work to a specific degree in minimizing the span of the scar, the scar will at present be there in any case (simply less wide) and after some time, it might augment or extend again relying upon the patient’s scalp laxity. A more viable solution is to put FUE grafts or units into the strip scars. It is essentially transplanting into the scar tissue keeping in mind the end goal to minimize the scar appearance. This arrangement is exceptionally practical in light of the fact that you needn’t bother as to make the dream of a decent cover. The expense of the transplant relies on the amount of the surface should be repaired.

At first, it was unreasonable and since the patient can experience transplantation over and over at times along these lines, it was hard to spend increasingly on it. Be that as it may, with the progression of time, it has ended up sensible and moderate. In any case, on the off chance that you have to settle an excessive width of scars then it may be expensive for you. Hair transplant scar repair cost is 1000$US to 1500 $US as it need special expertise and experience.

Hair transplant scar repair cost

How to get rid of hair transplant scars

There are a few techniques used to lessen the unmistakable quality of scars and enhance the skin’s surface and adaptability: Steroid infusions or applications, topical silicone applications, dermabrasion, vascular laser and laser skin resurfacing, tissue extension, z-plastic and skin revision are all strategies used to change scars. On uncommon events, even radiation might be utilized for only a couple days keeping in mind the end goal to diminish the presence of scarring. All these have different rates at which they are operated. But going through the hair transplant and then the scar repair surgery earns you a lot.

Contingent upon the system utilized and the measure of the scar to be repaired, the expense for scar repair surgery could be either of as $1000 or as much as $3,000.The objective of scar repair surgery is to enhance the presence of the scar by camouflaging it, migrating it, or minimizing its unmistakable quality. There is no real way to evacuate scars totally. Since scars are very individualistic, most extreme change may require more than one method and more than one strategy might be utilized.

Hair transplant scar revision before and after 

hair transplant scar repair before and after
Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry extracted grafts by FUE and implanted into linear scar

 Above linear scar by FUT method is filled by Follicular unit extraction -Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at Cosmoderma clinic Lahore . For this particular case for Hair transplant scar repair cost was 150,000 Pak Rupee.