Hair Transplant Pasrur Sialkot Patient

Hair transplant in Pasrur Sialkot

Hair transplant in Pasrur Sialkot is not performed by skilled and expert hair restoration surgeons and patient travel to Lahore for best quality results at Cosmoderma clinic. There are many reasons for hair loss and baldness but mostly patients seek advice for pattern baldness. Many patients visit to our clinic for corrective hair restoration surgery as they became victim of bad hair transplant in Sialkot by untrained hair technicians. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is a qualified hair restoration surgeon with 18 years experience. He is a board certified surgeon from Paris France and established his clinic in Lahore. Every day patients seek his expert advice for poor results or bad procedure performed in Sialkot.

Hair transplant Pasrur Sialkot patient

Hair Transplant clinics in Sialkot

Almost every hair loss treatment clinic performing hair restoration in Sialkot is run by hair technicians and giving life long bad results to patients. One should avoid such clinics and ask their medical license and specialization degree. Before becoming victim of bad procedure in Sialkot , meet with two or three operated patients from these clinic so that you can get feedback about services and professionalism. We will suggest you to travel Lahore at Cosmoderma clinic and get a professional and world class FUE procedure from a well known surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

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Hair Transplant Cost in Sialkot

It is a fact that qualified and skilled hair surgeon will charge you little more as compare to hair technicians or un qualified persons. An average hair transplant cost in Sialkot is 40,000 to 60,000 rupee by quacks or technicians while best quality procedure at our clinic performed by foreign qualified doctor would cost you 100,000 Rs to 150,000 Per session. Baldness level or area is a major factor for cost estimation. Those who can not afford best quality FUE procedure may opt for Strip or FUT procedure from our clinic and it would cost you 75,000 Pak Rupee for one session. One session will cover either your frontal or top baldness area.

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