Hair transplant Jeddah

Hair Transplant Jeddah Patient -2680 grafts

Hair transplant in Jeddah is performed by Board Certified hair restoration surgeons. Many clinics still perform strip or FUT hair restoration in Jeddah while Western Countries as well as developed countries opted for follicular unit extraction.  Patient Mr. W.A traveled to Cosmoderma clinic for Follicular unit extraction procedure. His procedure was performed Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry on 27 September 2016.

  • Patient Age 27 years
  • Norwood Class VI baldness pattern
  • Transplanted Area – Frontal zones
  • Fue procedure detail:- Ahmad Chaudhry extracted all grafts from scalp donor area with 0.9 mm size punch with machine. Total 2680 grafts were extracted.
  • 493 Singe grafts
  • 1501 grafts double
  • 686 grafts triple or multiple
  • Average hair per graft 2.07
  • Graft Distribution: – 2680 grafts were used for frontal hairline and mid scalp zone.

Below are photos before and after procedure:-

Hair transplant Jeddah

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