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Hair Pakistan -FUT or follicular Unit Transplantation is referred as ?Strip? hair transplant surgery procedure.FUT is an old technique where hair restoration surgeon removes strip by linear scar from the donor area or back of scalp. This harvested strip is dissected under stereo microscopes into very thin slivers and from these slivers, single follicles are dissected and these grafts or follicles then transplanted to the bald or recipient area. The linear incision is stitched with sutures and donor area is closed in such ways that after few months, hair regrow from this area and this method of stitches is called Tricophytic Closure.?Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) has linear scar in the donor area before the introduction of Tricophytic Closure technique in the recent years. Though this donor area scar is negligible but still sometimes it is noticeable. Strip hair transplantation disrupts and distorts the direction of the hair in the vicinity of the scar.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant major advantages

FUE hair in Pakistan is new technique and most of the surgeons reluctant to introduce into their practices. Best hair centers in Pakistan always introduce new and latest state of the art techniques in their clinics so that hair loss patient can get maximum benefits from this revolutionary FUE -follicular unit Extraction technique.?There is major advantages FUE ?over FUT/Strip hair restoration surgery

Minimal invasive technique

FUE in Pakistan is minimal invasive hair transplantation technique where there is no linear incision or cutting of the skin. As FUE is least invasive so these is less distortion in the angles of hair regrowth.Healing and Recovery time after FUE hair transplantation.These is less recovery time due to scarless nature of FUE . Healing is rapid and quick in just 24-48 hours.

More grafts availability from donor area

FUE procedure is not limited to specific donor area as in strip/FUT surgery. The availability of safe donor area is extended and there are more follicles for transplantation in the recipient area. FUE surgeons harvest follicles from nape of neck and body as well and throughout the ?Permanent Zone?

FUE hair doctor do himself work

The beauty of Follicular Unit Extraction is that surgeon himself removes the follicles from the donor area instead of hair technicians .Thus delicate work of FUE hair transplantation is done by the educated and proficient person for this hair restoration. FUE grafts survival rate is more as compared to FUT/Strip method because these grafts are transplanted rapidly and their separation does not require too much time.?FUE hair transplantation is performed by experienced ?surgeon, transection is low and survival rate is high. FUE hair restoration offers natural looking hairline and aesthetically much superior result then strip hair transplant surgery.

FUE Doctor Selection

Hair transplantation is not only a procedure rather it is an art and selection of ?surgeon is very much important. FUE ?is more difficult as every surgeon can?t perform it and procedure it is? time consuming procedure than strip. FUE hair transplantation requires more skill and mastery and plenty of practice and experience. That?s why most of hair doctors are reluctant to adopt this innovative and revolutionary technique as they are not willing to spend too much time on the procedure. Some hair physicians offer FUE procedure on the demand of patients but they don?t have proper training and skills in this procedure and not proficient.

It is advice for those patients to find FUE hair transplant surgeon who exclusively do FUE hair transplantation and truly believe superiority of FUE procedure over FUT/Strip hair surgery method.

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