Hair loss solutions for men in Pakistan natural sources

Natural hair loss Solutions for men in Pakistan-?Men lose more hair as compared to women as a result of official pressure and workplace stress. Men can also get rid of baldness and regrow their hair.Men with hair loss and baldness often become a party joke among their friends. They must not lose heart. Hair loss natural treatments are there for men of every age. Men are also conscious about their hair loss. At times the hair loss doesn?t occur from scalp, but also from beard, moustaches and eyebrow areas. Specially after having a scar on these areas, hair loss occurs.

There are a number of natural hair loss treatments for men too. Applying a paste of Reetha, Amla and Sikakai once in a week also fights hair loss. Some hot oil massage treatment is also recommended for men. You can apply a mixture of olive and cactus oil on head to stop hair fall. At times, it is better to go for a natural hair loss treatment than going for expensive parlor treatments. Home remedies are effective for people of every age.? Some juice treatment is also great for baldness and hair fall. You can boil turnips in water and leave that water to cool. Apply on head and leave for an hour. Wash hair with a good herbal shampoo and see the result. It stops hair fall. You can apply onion and ginger juice on hair too. Take out onion juice and leave on scalp. Cover head with cloth as onion smells too much. Wash hair after some time. This treatment also re-grows hair.

You can also mix garlic with Surma and apply on bald areas. This would re-grow hair and would stop hair fall. Also see what kind of food you are having. What specific food is causing hair fall? Is some special nutrient or vitamin missing in your food? You can use some good vitamin supplements too, if you cannot eat vitamins in natural sources. At times due to low levels of iron in body, hair fall occurs. Chronic and acute anemia also cause hair fall. Try to have iron rich foods. An apple is the richest source of natural iron. Liver is also a rich source of iron. Plus make sure your body needs vitamin C to absorb iron. Try to have foods that are rich in Vitamin C. Fruits like cherry, oranges, lemons and tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Try to use a combination of iron and vitamin C in your daily diet. Red and green chilies are the riches sources of vitamin C. Pineapples also contain Vitamin C to a great extent. Take these in little quantities to avoid hair fall. Also avoid taking too much quantity of vitamin C and iron. Too much Vitamin C consumption may give you stomach acidity and tooth enamel damage. Taking too much iron would give you indigestion and heaviness as iron is difficult to be absorbed.

Use these natural sources and remedies to fight baldness and hair loss. You will never lose your hair.