Fue Treatment

FUE Treatment-Fue basically stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and it is a popular hair transplant procedure these days. Fue is a poplar hair transplant procedure these days and being adopted by many hair surgeons. Dr.Ahmad offers Fue hair transplant at reasonable prices. But stop and think for a while. Price only is not the issue linked with a Fue treatment. Different clinics charge different prices. Fue is at times not ideal for some kind of patients. Patients with poor laxity and very tight scalps are usually not ideal patients for Fue. It is also not suitable for patients who wish to keep long hair. This means females are not ideal patients for a Fue transplant. Usually number of hair grown with a Fue session is about five thousand. If it is a single Fue session, then these would be one time scars. If these are multiple Fue sessions, then there would be multiple scars. For example, if there are 2000 grafts in first session so there would be 2000 mini scars in first session. If a second Fue procedure is there with 3000 grafts, then there would be 3000 mini scars. It makes 5000 scars.

Fue surgery also has some parameters. Patients who pass a Fox test are ideal ones for Fue transplant. If Fox test isn’t a success, then the surgeon goes for a normal strip incision. You must make sure with your surgeon if you are an ideal patient for fue or not. Fue has certain side effects too. Itching and tightness are issues that are post operative. Also shedding occurs after a fue transplant which is normal. Fue is also recommended to people who wish to make their hair short. So females aren’t ideal candidates for Fue. Also people who wish to keep their hair surgery a secret from public go for Fue. Fue has little side effects as compared to other hair transplant procedures. The common side effects linked with Fue are numbness, itching, shedding, local inflammation and minor discomfort. One of the worst side effects of Fue is a badly formed hair line or a mal positioned graft. So it is recommended to talk to your doctor openly before starting a Fue treatment. The temporary shedding from donor areas goes away after some time. A process called shock loss also appears and that may be temporary too.

The side effects linked with a Fue transplant are temporary and minimal. In order to make your Fue hair transplant a success, you must talk openly to your doctor. Every surgical procedure has its own limitations and advantages. FUT makes your scalp scar visible to people. Fue can hide it and there are mini multiple scars on scalp that are often unnoticed to public. Before starting a hair transplant procedure, it is good to ask your doctor the exact side effects and post operative care linked with it. It is also recommended to conduct a market survey before starting a Fue. Meeting other patients who went through the same is also a good idea.

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