Fue Hair Transplant Cost Pakistan

How much Fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan depends upon number of follicles, surgeon’s experiences and qualification? Some hair restoration surgeons are experiences and they have proven track of excellent result, definitely they will charge high as compare to newcomers in this field. Most of hair transplant surgery clinics are not performing Fue hair transplant in Pakistan as they do not have enough expertise and skill. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 15 years experience in this field and dedicated his practice for Fue procedure. If somebody needs small number of grafts, definitely cost will be high due to charges but those who would get mega sessions, cost would be decreased. One can avail cheap hair transplant in Pakistan opportunity on new year eve or other Summer packages.

Fue 1000 Follicles = 110,000 Pak rupee

 Fue 2000 Follicles Р200,000 Pak rupee

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