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Fue hair transplant Barcelona Patient Photos

Hair transplant in Barcelona Spain is performed in many hair restoration clinics but people always travel abroad for low cost or budget procedure. Many patients travel to our hair transplant clinic where Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performs their FUE procedure. Dr. Chaudhry has 19 years experience in this field and trained /qualified from Paris. Patient I.A. contacted with us through whats app and sent us his bald area close up photos. Our Doctor gave him grafts estimate and performed his procedure at his clinic in Pakistan.

Fue hair transplant in Barcelona Spain

Fue hair transplant in Spain is a best procedure to cover and treat baldness. However Fue procedure cost in Barcelona Spain is charged 3.00 to 5.00 euro per graft and many patients contact with us through internet or whats app for F.U.E. procedure.

Hair Transplant Barcelona Spain

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