Female Hair Fall treatment

Female hair fall treatment clinic Lahore

Hair fall or hair loss is one of the most common problem of both genders. Men may be suffering from it because of genes and inheritance, but women most commonly suffer from hair fall or hair thinning for a variety of reasons such as, hormonal changes, aging, and genetics, etc. Apart from all of these causes, infections, excessive hair beauty treatments, unnecessary hair pulling, alopecia areata, autoimmune disorders, thyroid problems, ovarian tumors, adrenal gland tumors, and burns etc. may also be one of the many reasons of hairline thinning. However, doctors may suggest that real reason of hair fall or hair thinning is unknown and we all can play guess games as long as we want. The causes may be vague and unknown, but the treatments are in the hands of skilled doctors.According to some statistics, women spends two and a half year of their average life span on maintaining and making their hair look good. This shows how much important these hair are for her. But if, hair starts to cause any problem, such as hairline thinning or fall, depression can easily be seen. This depression can do nothing else than increasing the problem. Yes, long gone days when you had to cope up with the high forehead, or hairline thinning. Being a female, this problem had caused many ladies to feel ashamed, unwanted and embarrassed. If you or anyone you love is among such women, say a big thanks to science. Doctors have come up with such amazing technologies to take you away from these problems that you will love yourself soon.

Say good bye to hairline thinning in no time.
We understand that hairline thinning in female can be the most embarrassing thing, for which we have come up with the best solution, hairline transplant. Yes, it is possible now and has been saving many lives from years.
There are a few treatments to solve this problem, but hairline transplant is the most appreciated and encouraged method. FUE method of hair restoration is adopted to treat hairline. The method is popular because it can almost reverse the years and can make the lady look young and beautiful once again. The method not only promises to give natural results, but because of highly advanced technologies and other advancement, it has never let the patient down as the best choice for hairline treatment.
Procedure details
Before the treatment
Before the treatment starts, Dr.Ahmad chaudhry will take a detailed look at the patient’s hair and especially the hairline. This will give him a detailed view of the problem, its intensity, the quality of work needed and the possible results the patient wants.
During the treatment
Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry will use his excellent skills and capabilities and will extract the healthy hair follicles from donor site and will one by one place or implant them on the recipient site. This process needs extreme caution excellence and perfect grip over incisions. The FUE method is known for natural looking results, but when we are talking about hairline transplant, know that even small scars are visible in this region.
After the surgery
This method is a walk in, walk out method. This means that no long stays in the hospital and no lengthy post-operative treatments are needed. After getting treated for a few hours, the patient would be allowed to indulge in his regular routine easily.
Benefits of FUE hairline transplant
Ideal method of transplant as no or zero visibility of scars production
Donor area remains unchanged
Natural and fuller results are guaranteed
No scalpel, no stitches
Speedy recovery
Only healthy donor hair follicles are used
Simpler and less painful method

Risks related in this process
Some of the risks involved in this hairline transplant are:
Not getting natural or desired results, this happens when you choose any unskilled or inexperienced doctor.
Poor hair growth
Persistent numbness from nerve damage, etc.

Results of hairline transplant

No matter what treatment you go through for getting a good, natural and fuller hairline, the aim of all treatments would be the same, to restore maximum areas of depleted hair. Certain medications when used after the surgery can maximize the positivity of results, however, remember the fact that the hair follicles which are lost completely cannot regrow through any method.Doctors all over the globe believe that transplant is the only and the most reliable method which is present in this modern age. The doctors will check and do a detailed analysis of your hairline condition and will only suggest this method if the results are predictable to be positive and will be beneficial for you. The only limitation of getting hair back was that lost follicles cannot be re grown, this limit remains firm, but FUE can place healthy follicles in that place providing adequate follicles to the recipient area to grow well.

Are you a potential candidate?

Anyone can be a potential hairline transplant patient who wishes to look good with a fuller and natural hairline. But doctors suggest that if you do not have this hair fall or hairline thinning problem in genes, you should opt this treatment. Otherwise, wasting your time and money would be needless as in a few years’ time, you will be losing your hair anyway. Furthermore, younger ladies would be simply wasting their energies and money on this treatment as they too will lose their hair soon as they age. Instead, young ladies must choose any other method like medicines or therapy or even home remedies to get rid of this. If you are not in the categories discusses, visit the best hair specialist doctor in Lahore-Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and get your hair and scalp examined. The doctor would suggest you about the treatment to go for.
FUT treatment is also used to lower the hairline, but because of the scars and stitches, people prefer latest FUE technique for hair restoration. Let your new hair grown, just choose the best doctor for hair loss in Lahore wisely.