Alopecia Treatment

Alopecia TreatmentAlopecia is the medical term used for baldness. Having beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of everyone. Unfortunately some people have naturally thin hair or are bald.There are a number of ways to treat baldness. Prevention is better than cure. Everyone wants to have thick and long hair. When you start losing hair as result of some disease or other hormonal problem, it is usually a bad signal. Now this is the time to think seriously about your baldness and treat it.While talking about baldness cure, home remedies and some beauty care tips can simply work to cure baldness. Pumpkin oil is great for curing stress and brings a good sleep. As a result of insomnia, some people start losing hair. A number of medications are available in market for baldness. Hair treatments like stem cell transplant, laser transplant, laser comb and Fue are also there to treat alopecia. But first you need to check what kind of food you take. Is some important element of food missing in our diet? Usually lack of vitamin A and zinc causes baldness. Alopecia shouldn’t be taken non-seriously. If your baldness is a result of some hormonal disease, you must take care of it. If your baldness is a result of chemotherapy, then shaving head is required and some hair transplant treatment is recommended. Even after typhoid, hair loss occurs. Even if you leave your hair dirty and unwashed for some days, oil gets accumulated at scalp area and cause damage o roots of hair, hence causes baldness.

There are a number of thermal and hormonal techniques to cure baldness. If your baldness is genetic, transferred from your parents, then you must fix your hair artificially with a hair transplant. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry offers the best hair transplant treatments all over the country.Also after reaching a certain age, we start losing our hair. That is natural. But if hair loss and baldness is premature, meaning before age then taking a spoon of olive oil daily is recommended. At times people who have chronic flu also suffer from baldness. In such a case, drinking a potion of milk, honey and almond oil cures premature baldness.You must also check the quality of products that you are using. Sometimes baldness occurs as a result of too much dyeing, plucking and bleaching. At times the bleach used in hair dyes cause damage to our hair and baldness occurs. You have to know perfectly what kind of hair product you are using and what is the texture of your hair?

For example olive oil massage is best for hair of all kinds and it cures premature graying. Mustard seed oil massage is great for thin and dry hair. Coconut oil massage is best for coarse hair. Cactus hair oil massage is best for very silky and shiny hair. Lemon oil massage is great for oily hair and removes excess oil from scalp. Curd mixed with sugar s the best remedy for premature baldness and dandruff. How you treat your baldness lies in your hands only.