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scarless,incision free and stitches free procedure.

What is Fue Procedure

Fue stands for Follicular Unit Extraction procedure used for hair transplantation to treat baldness and hair loss. It is a latest in hair restoration field and no more stitches,incision and least invasive in nature. There is no linear scar as in FUT hair transplant procedure.This procedure has more advantages when we compare traditional stip hair restoration procedure.

Fue Versus FUT Results

Fue procedure is equally good as strip hair transplant. The major difference is donor area harvesting, otherwise follicles placing,their angulation,hair density,naturalness and growth rates are same. However most surgeons in Pakistan avoid to perform this procedure due to lack of experience and expertise but our clinic is dedicated for Fue procedure.

How Follicular Unit Extraction Works

Each follicle is removed from donor area by motorized machine with tiny punches .These punches sizes vary from 1 mm or less are used so that donor area holes heal quickly. There are many scars on the donor area due to follicles extraction but these close in few days and can not be detected by naked eye when hair growth occur after procedure.

Fue Cost

Fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan is based upon small,medium and mega session. The procedure needs skill and expertise and Fue cost is 1.00 $ or 110 rupee/follicle at our clinic in Pakistan .  When we compare strip verses Fue procedure prices in Pakistan then definitely Fue is priced higher due to time consuming and highly technical procedure.

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Strip Scar 

FUT Scar

Strip hair transplant (FUT) procedure will give permanent donor area scar like in this picture. If you do not want scar then opt for FUE hair transplant in Pakistan.Incision free and without scar


There is no need to worry about baldness. Whatever  is cause of baldness, it can be treated successfully by Follicular unit extraction and body hair can be used to scalp in case of poor donor area.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is a process where donor area hairs are transplanted to recipient area. Hair restoration is performed via Fue hair transplant in Pakistan at our clinic by foreign qualified and experienced surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Hair Replacement

Surgical hair replacement is a permanent hair loss solution where hairs grow naturally and one can cut,trim them on regular basis. Any hair style can be adopted and there is no need for special hair care after procedure.


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