Fue hair transplant Pakistan

Follicular unit extraction is one of the most famous and common hair transplant in Pakistan that is used these days. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) uses the method of follicular transplant in order to have the hair growth . This method is scientifically proven to be a successful one. In this method the follicles from donor are taken one by one and are implanted on the desired area. This gives a better chance for hair regeneration and also let the hair transplant to start in a faster pace. The high success rate and lesser painful consequences have made it the top priority for many people seeking hair transplant in Pakistan as well as rest of the world.

Fue hair transplant Pakistan

After taking the follicle, graft placement is done on desired area. This method is a safe one so the client does not have to worry about any critical medical problems. Another plus point about Follicular unit extraction is that it does not involve scaring. Other methods show the effects of scaring that can be over shadowed with the help of long hair only. However with the help of FUE you can have short and long hair both irrespective of scaring effect. Other hair restoration methods usually involve a longer time to heal the grafted area. In case of FUE the healing process is really fast. The donor does not have to wait a long time before choosing his or her own hair styling choice. Along with that there are loads of eases when it comes to FUE. There are no limitations to this method. The client does not have to take intensive care of his hair but can let them have in a normal way.

There are various transplant methods after which clients might feel discomfort in the donor area. This is not the case with Follicular unit extraction. The Follicular unit extraction let you have minimum discomfort at the donor area. As it is healed pretty fast so it also does not let you to have an itchy skin or rash all the time. It works wonders with younger clients. The skin has better follicle conditioning in the younger age so people belonging to this age range have better chances of hair growth. People who are athletic and muscular also have more chances of having a successful hair transplant through Follicular unit extraction. This method is also very useful in tighter or hard scalps. As strip grafting cannot be done on tight skin so follicular unit extraction is very much helpful in this case too.

These days with the help of new medical equipment the microscopic follicles are grafted in the scalp that renders great results on the whole. This method is a little lengthy and time consuming then other hair restoration methods. However the results have shown that it let you have a better growth in lesser time. The major advantage of Follicular unit extraction is that we can use body follicles to scalp called body hair transplant in selected cases.  We can extract follicles or grafts  from chest, abdomen, arms and beard area and implantation to scalp. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has 15 years experience and qualified from Paris with proven successes.  To get an appointment  for Fue hair transplant in Pakistan is affordable and results are comparable to any best clinic of the world.



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