Fue hair transplant Pakistan

Follicular unit extraction (Fue) doesn’t leave scars and is a painless procedure, done under local anesthesia. The follicles are separated from donor area and then well-preserved in a cold solution to keep them alive. These follilcles extracted by tiny punches from donor area are trimmed under microscope for insertion into recipient area.  Fue hair transplant Pakistan is recognized internationally and many foreigners travel for stitches free procedure. Men and women both are equally suitable for this process. Men usually need maximum 80-120 hair grafts per square cm. The surgeons determine the density by electron microscope.

Fue hair transplant Pakistan

A doctor determines your density by:

  • Width of the shaft
  • Color of your hair
  • Skin color
  • Curls
  • Hair style

Density and area:

Density differs from one person to another and it’s difficult to create natural hair density in hair transplantation and it needs much experienced and highly skilled surgeon. And to achieve more natural looking result a surgeon should know the patient’s hair density and how much hair he has been lost. Depending on the above mentioned things the hair surgeon will alter different densities to get the right one. This requires time, patience and most importantly, a good surgeon.  The more grafts, the more density can be achieved. The procedure performed at Fue hair transplant Pakistan clinic reflect skill and experience of surgeon and these capabilities are visible at photo gallery of this site. Density and area compete with each other for supremacy when planning hair transplantation, so before operating a transplant, your scalp needs an initial consultation with the doctor. He’ll check if a full density transplant can be performed on your scalp or not. An appropriately performed full density transplant can save you from the need of a second or third transplant.

How many grafts or follicles can be transplanted in single session

Follicular unit extraction procedure has more capacity to extract 3000- 5000 grafts as compare to FUT or strip procedure. Therefore a person with Norwood Class 5 to 6 can get maximum number of grafts in one or two days procedure. We can also extract follicles from body, beard,moustache, arms, back and legs. However body hair extraction needs special skill, experience and orientation of surgeon and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed enough extraction from body to scalp. With maximum number of cases and persistent result Fue hair transplant Pakistan clinic became best hair restoration center internationally.



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Fue Clinic pakistan