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If you are thinking having fue hair transplant in Pakistan worth it? Then definitely you can see our before and after photo gallery, video testimonials and hair restoration reviews of those patients treated by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at his Cosmoderma Clinic Lahore.If you are looking to restore your hair by fue hair transplant in Pakistan then Dr.Ahmad Chadhry is a trusted name in hair? restoration field. To assess his skills and competency, search doctor or clinic reviews in Pakistan, video testimonials, before and after pictures. These are enough indicators which you can help you to decide for hair loss treatment in Pakistan from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.Follicular unit extraction is one of the most famous and common method?that is used these days. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) uses the method of follicular transplant in order to have the hair growth . This method is scientifically proven to be a successful one. In this method the follicles from donor area taken one by one and are implanted on the bald area. This gives a better chance for hair regrowth and also let the hair restoration to start in area. This gives a better chance for hair regrowth and also let the hair restoration to start in a faster pace. The high success rate and less painful consequences have made it the top priority for many people seeking?hair loss treatment in Pakistan.

Fue hair transplant Pakistan

After taking the follicle, placement is done on recipient area. It is a safe method so the patient does not have to worry about any critical medical problem. Another plus point about Follicular unit extraction is that it does not involve scaring. Other methods show the effects of scaring that can be covered with the help of long hair above and below. However with the help of this procedure you can have short and long hair both irrespective of scaring effect. Other hair restoration methods usually involve a longer time to heal the grafted area. ?The healing process is really fast. The donor site does not have to wait a long time before choosing his or her own styling. It is an ambulatory procedure. There are many potential advantages with Follicular unit extraction procedure. There are no limitations to this method. The patient does not have to take intensive care of his hair but can let them have in a normal way. There are various hair restoration methods after which patient might feel discomfort in the donor area. This is not the case with Follicular unit extraction. The Follicular unit extraction let you have minimum discomfort at the donor area. As it is healed pretty fast so it also does not let you to have an itchy skin or redness all the time. It works well with younger and older patients. The skin has better follicle conditioning in the younger age so people belonging to this age group have better chances of hair growth. People who are athletic and muscular also have more chances of having a successful baldness treatment through Follicular unit extraction. This method is also very useful in tighter or hard scalps. As strip grafting cannot be done on tight skin so we prefer?Fue hair transplant in Pakistan?at our clinic.

Fue Hair transplantation in Pakistan

As follicular unit extraction these days with the help of new medical equipment the microscopic follicles are grafted in the scalp that renders great results on the whole. This method is a little lengthy and time consuming then other hair restoration methods. However the results have shown that it let you have a better growth in lesser time. The major advantage of Follicular unit extraction is that we can use body follicles to scalp in selected cases. ?We can extract follicles or grafts ?from chest, abdomen, arms and beard area and implantation to scalp. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has 16 years experience and qualified from Paris with proven successes.? To get an appointment is easy and cost is affordable and results are comparable to any best clinic of the world. Whenever you though about hair transplant in Pakistan, please do visit Dr.Ahmad Chaudhr’s clinic for unbiased and honest opinion.

Fue extraction machine Lahore Pakistan

?Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic hair restoration is a advance version of motorized follicular unit extraction technique. As research and development continue, latest and most accurate methods of hair loss treatments are being developed. We extract grafts or follicles through Robot from donor area with precision. Instead of doctor, Robot extract grafts from donor area under supervision of doctor. Tedious and most time consuming part of this procedure is replaced by Robot. Now doctors do not need to hire more persons for separation of follicles. A modern and latest software is installed in Robot which calculate the depth and direction of donor area follicles, as a result less wastage or transection of grafts. It is a most vital step in Fue procedure for its success or failure. The other most important aspect of this procedure is creation of sites for grafts placement. This step is also done through it. However doctor and patient can also design aesthetically recipient area with mutual understanding during initial consultation. However we cannot eliminate importance of doctor as aesthetic and cosmetic outcome of the procedure by Robot alone cannot be achieved. It is just one more instrument or device for hair loss treatment. There are certain advantages of this procedure as compare to manual or motorized fue procedure.

1- More precision and accuracy in follicular unit extraction or harvesting

2- Survival rate is increased due to less manual handling.

3- Procedure time is reduced so less fatigue to doctor and staff and as a result more efficiently performed procedure with greater success rate.

3- Grafts selection is done by computer so more health grafts and minimum wound during the procedure.

4- Grafts extraction from sides of scalp is easier through computerized software.

5- Patients who have different hair texture, ethnic backgrounds or atypical characteristics of hair can easily managed through Robot.

However due to high price of this new technology, fue hair transplant in Pakistan is performed with motorized machines. As this technology is still in early stages, It needs more improvement and advancement so that doctor and patients would feel confident while getting procedure.

Fue donor area Lahore Pakistan

Side effects

It is a surgery in which a surgeon removes hair from where there is a lot of hair on a section of the head to an area where there is baldness. The Side effects from this procedure are generally very minor and resolve on their own within one to two weeks. The side effects from the surgery include:

  • Pain ? as with all surgeries, major and minor, some pain is experienced. ?Most people don?t experience any pain during or after however, if pain is felt the surgeon usually prescribes some pain killers for example Paracetemol.


  • Bleeding ? since the surgery requires the surgeon to cut through the skin of the head and then stitch it up, a patient may experience some bleeding. It is usually advised to put pressure on the part which bleeds to stop the bleeding. However at times if the bleeding does not stop, the surgeon may have to put extra stitches.


  • Infection ? for an infection to develop on your scalp after a hair restoration surgery is very rare but not impossible. If an infection does start up, the surgeon will prescribe an antibiotic and 99% of the time the surgeon gives the patient antibiotic before and after surgery to prevent infections occurring in the first place.


  • Swelling of the scalp – swelling is very common after a surgery. It is not dangerous and subsides itself within a few days.


  • Bruising around the eyes ? many people end up having a black eye after a day or two of surgery. This is again very common and subsides itself just like the swelling on the scalp.


  • Itching ? Itching again is very common and subsides after a few days of surgery. Regular washing of the scalp with shampoo after a few days of surgery is known to prevent itching.


  • Numbness– this is again a very common side effect which reduces itself within a few days.


  • Folliculitis ? Folliculitis happens to be inflammation or infection of the hair follicles, the surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to help with this infection.


  • Thinning of hair – sudden loss of the transplanted hair also known as?shock loss, is very common after surgery however also temporary.


  • Cysts ? These are very tiny, the size of small pimples and only last for a week. They usually appear in the area where the hair has been transplanted. If cysts do appear, the surgeon will prescribe medicine.


  • Scarring ? Small scars do appear, however they are very tiny and are hardly noticeable. If however, you get Keloid scarring, this is because you?re probably prone to it genetically.


  • Unnatural looking bunches of hair ? since the surgeon is putting on the hair onto the area with no hair, it may give an unnatural look.
  • Hiccups ? only affect around 5% of the people, hiccups can last for a few days which can be very uncomfortable while sleeping or eating. The surgeon will prescribe you medicines to make it stop.

It is a very simple procedure however, like any surgery it also has some side effects. It is very important to prepare yourself in advance about all the side effects of the surgery.However a good surgeon like Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry will always give you written instructions how to prevent complications so that you can get excellent results. To perform Fue hair transplant in Pakistan at his Cosmoderma clinic in Lahore is a routine where you can meet other patients and see live procedure and get first hand information and experience from other patients.

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